AC Human Services

Working together with our business partners, we provide solutions to complex organizational development situations and issues. We are also approached when prompt and effective solutions are needed.

Training and Development

list of trainings At AC Humán we believe in practical training. We strive to develop the atmosphere of trust and reliability which helps training processes and upon which dedication, commitment and accountability can be built.

HR Research

HR research focuses on seeking and finding the causes and connections of issues that influence HR strategies of organizations, as well as modeling these situations. Revealing the connections and verifying/rejecting hypotheses are indispensable to start any appropriate and successful development in the field of human resources. The result of HR research is the elaboration of an effective and applicable HR concept that will strengthen the desired business model. HR research can be financed by the Research and Technological Innovation Fund.

Organizational Development

During organizational development, executives and employees of the company will consciously and cooperatively shape the corporate culture in accordance with the strategic goals of the company. The professionals working at AC Human, cooperating with their clients, will assist these tasks by providing business consultancy services.


During coaching, coaches mainly ask and induce coachees to understand their strengths and to fully use their skills and abilities to solve a specific leadership or professional issue. The goal is to lose bad habits and thinking that hamper efficiency and to incorporate into the leadership toolset the efficient skills and abilities that will help leadership. All of the above happens during one-on-one meetings and by in-depth discussion of topics relevant to professional fields.

Assessment Center

Assessment Centers are the most reliable form of selection processes as we can gain detailed and accurate information on the qualities of the observed candidates that will assist in making objective decisions. Namely, during the assessment center the assessment of the observed candidates is conducted by carrying out relevant exercises, tasks and assignments. The assessment team consists of the experts of the organization and external consultants in order to ensure varied opinions and increased objectivity. Assessment Center are held to observe the best candidates in various role-playing exercises, individual presentations and team work. InnoSelect, the innovation of AC Humán, will help in the preliminary filtering of the candidates.

Recommended: Last phase filtering in case of the best candidates.


Leaders frequently face the difficult situation of having exhausted or conflict-ridden teams or mismanaged resources. In such cases a teambuilding project that strengthens team cohesion and the efficiency of cooperation will definitely be helpful.

HR Consulting

As an external HR department, AC Human cooperates with its clients to set, define and develop HR strategies and processes. This includes the following: HR strategic planning, working out processes for performance assessment, succession planning and talent management, developing and working out HR policies, working out induction programs for new entries, job analysis and evaluation, integration projects for new leaders.